How to Go Hiking in the Rain: Tips and Tricks That Work Like Magic

Usama Khan
5 min readJun 3, 2021
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While the idea of hiking in the rain sounds like a nightmare, it can turn into an incredible experience if you go with the right mindset and prepare well in advance. The right gear and strategies can save you from the potential discomfort that a hike in the rain can cause.

This article puts together some tips and tricks that can make a rainy-day hike turn out to be a memory you cherish for years to come. Gear-up, quite literally!

Things to do Before You Go

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Your rainy hike experience should be planned in two parts — things to do before the day of your trip, and essentials for the day of the hike. What you do before hitting the trail will determine a large part of how you experience the hike. A well-planned and well-packed hike makes all the difference!

Know the Weather

Looking up the weather forecast before you hop onto your trail can save you from a lot of trouble. Knowing the weather you might experience will enable you to pack the right resources and dress up accordingly.

Many forecasting applications provide a detailed overview of upcoming weather conditions in your area. Always look for any extreme weather warnings before you hit the trail!

Know the Trail

Weather and trail are two key factors that determine your hiking experience. Knowing the nature of your trail and how it changes in the case of rain will give you a good overview of the landscape. It is always a great choice to go for a trail that is not steep and runs through a forest.

A slippery and steep trail can prove dangerous in case of a rainstorm. If your planned trail does not seem suitable for a rainy-day hike, shift routes!

Easy Snacking

Snacks are your go-to for tackling hunger pangs and hiking fatigue. Packing easy and quick snacks can save you from a lot of hassle. Before you leave your home, prepare a thermos with a warm beverage that can energize you during your hike.

It is better to opt for quick, packeted snacks like granola bars and chocolates that are rich in energy and quick to munch on! There are also several healthy snacks you can pack or prepare at home that have a high carbohydrate content, perfect for taking on a hike!

Water Proofing

There are several electronic items like cameras, phones, or chargers that you would want to take along. In the case of a rainstorm, you can waterproof your essentials beforehand.

A waterproof bag or a bag liner can come in handy as they are lightweight, easy to use, and will protect your electric ware from water. Waterproofing other items like socks or clothes is also a good choice in case of a heavy downpour. Hiking is also about smart packing!

What to Wear

Always take a close look at your outerwear and footwear before you hit your trail! This includes your shoes, pants, and any shirt you are putting on. To make it a comfortable experience, pay attention to breathable and waterproof shoes.

Your choice of rainwear should facilitate quick water drainage. If you have enough storage, it is a good choice to pack extra warm layers in case you are caught in a heavy pour. What you wear decides how you experience a rainy-day hike!

What to Take on The Day of Hike

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Your trekking gear is an essential investment for a hike. These additional items do not cost much but work well on a rainy-day hike! They will also ensure an experience with minimal inconvenience.

Trekking Pole

The right gear includes not only your clothing but also the extra equipment that will make your hike easy and safe. You must go for lightweight gear that does not add load to your luggage.

A trekking pole is a must-have if you are going for a long hike, and more so if it is a slippery one! It will ensure stability and help you test suspect steps. A reliable trekking pole is great for maintaining balance or gauging muddy puddles!

Rain Cover

While your bag provides a shield to your items, an added covering never goes wrong! Your bag would best stay waterproof with a silicone-coated rain cover.

These come in several sizes, and you can go for the one that fits your bag the best. These lightweight covers will ensure that no moisture touches your items!


Gaiters are your best friends for a rainy hike. If your planned hike falls on a rainy day, you should expect many muddy puddles and instances of water seeping into your shoes.

Gaiters are must-haves to save your feet from muddy water touching your feet. Look out for the ones that fit you best and prove comfortable for a muddy hike.


Good waterproof gloves can amplify your experience. A rainy hike can result in softened fingertips and muddy palms. To avoid the unpleasant perks of a rainy-day hike, it is an excellent choice to invest in lightweight waterproof gloves. They will also keep your hands toasty and warm when the cold air envelops you!

The Right Mindset

Your body needs fuel! Do not deprive yourself of food and energy. If you feel low, pause and eat something to regain your energy. The same goes for keeping your body temperature constant.

A sweaty experience will cause dehydration, and shivering through the cold will make you lose energy! Keep your needs in check, and do not neglect the voice of your body!


Do not mull overreaching your destination! A good hike does not mean overexerting your body. Pay attention to the route, the landscape, and the experience of a rainy day. The right gear, clothes, and mindset will ensure a smooth hiking trip. A rainy hike can indeed be a dreamy experience if you prepare well beforehand!



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