The “Pawfect” Guide to RV Camping With Dogs: All You Need To Know

Usama Khan
5 min readMay 30, 2021

Are you planning to go RV-ing on a family getaway? Do you also have a furry friend you do not want to leave behind? RV camping with your dog is an excellent way to take your complete family on a fun adventure.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you and your pet hit the road. This article puts together a complete guide that can make your RV camping with a pet dog a successful adventure. Happy camping!

Some Test Drills and Homework

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RV-ing with your dog can be challenging, but you can handle it by doing some preparations. Since your furry friend will not make itself comfortable in the RV overnight, a step-by-step introduction to the new home can be a great way to let your poodle adjust. Researching about the vets and campsite will also ensure that you are well equipped before you hit the road!

Let Your Dog Explore the RV

Your pup might struggle with getting accustomed to the new home. In order to ease the transition, let your dog look around the RV before the day of your trip.

A preliminary test drive and exploration will make your dog aware of the new surroundings. Keep their bedding and bowls in the RV so they do not feel out of place. It takes time to settle, but it is worth it in the end!

Do Your Vet Research

Being away from home can take its toll on your dog. To save yourself and your pet from serious trouble, it is always better to do your homework — look up the vets in your campsite’s vicinity. Knowing where the vets and animal clinics are can help you avoid any untimely chaos.

As a pro tip, you should always tick off the pet check-up list before you go RV-ing with your dog. This minimizes any event of something going wrong for your four-legged company on the adventure!

Find Dog-Friendly Campsites

The nature of your campsite would largely determine how you experience the vacation. While there are many campgrounds that restrict pets, there are a handful that will welcome your dog with open arms!

Before you head on to your trip, look up the policies of the park or campsite. Once you find the right campsite, make sure you are ready to follow their rules to avoid any inconvenience.

RV-ing With a Dog: On the Road

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Once you hit the road safely, give yourself a pat on the back — you made it past a major task! Remember to enjoy your time with the fluffy friend now, but also keep in mind the following few tips that will make your camping a fun-filled experience!

Secure Your Pup

Your fur baby’s safety should be a top priority! Before your RV hits the road, ensure that you have a secure way of buckling up your dog. It is not recommended to place them in a towable or leave them roaming around the van.

There are dog-specific seatbelts that can secure your pup from a bumpy ride. Your pet’s crate or cage is also suitable as long as the little friend is safe and happy on the trip!

Invest in a Tracking Device

It would be a nightmare to lose your pet on a family getaway! To make sure that your fluff buddy does not venture off in foreign territory, invest in a GPS chip or use an ID tag.

A tracking chip would help you keep an eye on your dog’s personal adventures around the campsite. At the least, an ID tag with your details can help in the identification of your dog in case it is lost. Invest in a good tracking device to save yourself from the tragedy of a lost pet!

Know When to Leave Your Dog in the RV

As much as you would want your dog to keep you company everywhere, there are times when they can’t — and it is okay! However, before you leave them alone, you should ensure a comfortable temperature in the RV.

Dogs can be prone to overheat, but this can be prevented by setting up an automated temperature control system. Do not forget to leave behind your doggo’s favorite bully stick or toy to keep it happy while you are gone!

Your Dog Needs Breaks

Not just your dog, but you need a break as well! If you are traveling for long hours, do not forget to stop and take your dog for a quick stretch and potty breaks.

It is unfair to expect your dog to stay caged for hours on end! Plan your road trip along some dog-friendly sidewalks or parks where your friend can stretch, and you can inhale a breath of fresh air!

Don’t Forget the Baths!

While camping can be the most exciting time for your little pup, it can also result in muddy paws and tails! You have little control over keeping your dog away from rolling in fresh grass and playing in the pond.

Instead of keeping them caged, an outdoor bathing pipe can be your best friend when it is time for your dog’s bath. These come with the option of connecting directly to the water hook-up so you do not have to worry about muddy paws walking inside your RV.

Have a Good Time!

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This cannot be emphasized enough — enjoy! Your dog is the happiest when you are. While there are many challenges in taking your pooch RV-ing, it is not impossible. Remember to gather photographs, play catch and watch the sunsets together. Having a good time tops the list of all tips!


RV-ing with your dog can be a dream come true if you are careful and listen to the needs of your furry critters. There are no secrets to the perfect RV camping with a dog, but these tips will ensure a smooth adventure for you and your four-legged buddy! Once you have done your research, packed the essentials, and secured your dog, you are all good to hit the road with your best friend!



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